Lone Tree Cemetery (Spanbroekmolen):-

Wytschaete Military Cemetery and the 16th (Irish) Division Memorial:-

Liverpool Scottish Memorial, Railway Wood, and RE Grave, near Ypres, Belgium:-

Ration Farm (La Plus Douve) Cemetery Annexe:-

Sanctuary Wood Cemetery:-

Martinpuich British Cemetery:-

Kasteelhof 't Hooghe - Ypres/Ieper:-

The Spanbroekmolen Mine Crater:-

Ramparts Cemetery (Lille Gate), Ypres/leper:-

La Plus Douve Farm Cemetery:-

Zelobes Indian Cemetery, La Couture, Pas-de-Calais:-

The Ulster Tower (Time Lapse):-

Sucrerie Military Cemetery, Colincamps, Somme:-

Bray Vale British Cemetery:-

The Menin Gate Memorial to the Missing:-

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