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Hi Stevie, just a quick note to say, great website and best of luck for same.


Hi Stevie, hope you're well. Looks like you're spending your time wisely, well at least some of it!
Great pics & website. Take care.

SK photos

Really enjoyed all your galleries, hope to see more soon.

The Site

Evening old fella, sorry ta wake ye! - looks a great site - best to ye.


Great photo's well done, good luck with web site.

Super photos!

Very impressive photographs old son. I new there was talent somewhere in that mad brain.
You should add a gallery on food!!!!


Hi Steve,
Excellent website with pictures of the highest quality.
Look forward to plenty more.
Best of luck with the site!


Sweet son!


Brill photos. Get a few of Suzy Perry if you can. O BOY!!!


Just had a look at some of your photo's, well done son!


Nice site. Great photographs. You take pictures as well as you drink Smirnoff!!

Western Front Pics

Your photos are absolutely marvellous! They are so atmospheric, and really capture the grim setting so well in so many different ways. The sky effects make a huge contribution to the overall quality and impact.
The photos brought back many memories of my visit to the Somme region with my parents.
Many thanks for the lovely photos you took of my great-uncle John Malone's headstone, my sister and I will certainly treasure them.
I have only just accessed this website tonight, but will visit it again in the future.


I hope you will add some more of the Krackow photos, I think the images already on show something of the place.
The Gonz

Fine photographs of battlefields etc

Hi Steve,
Wonderful pictures! I didn't realise how far afield you have been since our first whistlestop tour!
Hope to see you soon, meanwhile - keep 'em coming!
Best wishes.
George & Annie.


Hi Stevie.
The French property looks fantastic, I am aiming for a Sept. trip to include Loos.
Keep in touch.


I saw your site - great photos.
I have only had the opportunity to visit the W Front once in my lifetime, so I envy you being able to go there several times each year. Of course most Australians do not get much opportunity to visit there.
Thanks for the photos. Please send some from your next trip.
Peter Morrissey, Coonabarabran, NSW, Australia.


Enjoyed your photos very much.
Teddy Colligan

Pics from 21st/22nd August

Hi, just looked at your site, great photos!!
Scoops Racing.
Wayne Hall

Gallery photos

Nice pics Stevie, I see you have a eye for detail!


Hi, I was very impressed by your pictures they are stunning.
Merlijn van Eijk, Amsterdam, Netherlands.


Sweet! Great shots.


Thanks very much for including Gareth in your site, I had a look through the rest of them - some mint pics there!
Well done, great wee site!


I had a browse through your site and there is some nice stuff on it, I especially like the Western Front galleries, some real nice compositions.


Thanks Steve, nice pics keep up the good work!


Stephen thanks for the pics at Nutts Corner, they are 1st class!! And it was good to talk to you,
we'll get that pint sometime soon!
Coyles Wright

SK Photos

Steve - Great pic's, Great site.
Stuart Smith Photography


Hi Stevie, outstanding photo's, Xmas Cards!
Percy J Hood

Guestbook message

Hi Stephen, wonderful website with really inspiring images from motorsport to the natural world.
I am book-marking this one!
Eddie Appelbe

Western Front photos

Another cracking set of photos Steve, excellent work mate.....
Royston Palmer

Words from Mametz Wood - (See Articles/Events of Interest).

Hi Stephen, I have no problem at all with that. In fact, after looking at your site I’m chuffed that you liked it so much that you wanted to include it on your site. Thank you!
I really enjoyed looking at your site, the history of your relative, the Inniskilling Fusiliers and the panoramic photos were excellent. Should you want to embed the film at any time please feel free.
All the best.
Huw Davies, Wales.

Typhoon QOE departure

Hi Steve, I saw your post of the picture of my departure. Is there any chance of seeing your other ones?
The way you have captured the vapour and the sky is awesome.
Thank you for your time and look forward to your reply.
Graham, XI Sqn.

Western Front Photos

From an experienced fellow front traveller and front photographer my big compliments, Stephen, for your presentation and your styled art photos here!
I wish you many visitors to enjoy your work!
Pierre's Photo Impressions of the Western Front.
Pierre Grande Guerre, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Western Front

Some awesome shots there Stephen!
Brian Bain

Western Front photos.

Excellent! Nice web page.
Christine McLean McIntyre, Wagga Wagga, NSW, Australia.


Thank you for the add, still wish Happy New Year, good luck and health in 2012.
Your photos are great, your Inet page also great.
Ernst Cordes, Meine, Germany.

Western Front Photos

You do a fantastic job and you should be proud of all the work you do.
Keep up the great work. Regards, Faye.
Faye Threlfall, Australia.

1989 pic

Id like to say a special thanks to Steve for reviving a few old memories for me. I was browsing a web site and found a photo of myself racing at the Temple races in 1989. I contacted Steve to enquire about a copy and he couldn't have been any more helpful, a true gent.
Many thanks.
Gary Jamison.


Checking out your site......excellent pics dude!


Many thanks for going to the trouble of digging out a photo from 2010. I contacted several other so-called photographers who had taken photos which were similar but not nearly as good and they either did not reply or said they could not find the image. The quality is absolutely superb even on a A0 poster.
David Hughes

Large bullet

Hi Stevie, thanks for your help, turns out the the bullet is a 'Shrapnel Round' and was probably fired from a 'Howitzer', would you believe I found it lying in the middle of the pavement in a small town centre! The links you posted me help solve my little mystery.
Jay Morton


What superb photos! Have to add to that, after having a longer communion with them. Utterly stunning perspective and quite breath-taking. What a lovely start to the day. Thank you for that.
Mary Ellen Freeman

Western Front photos

Like many people, I've been looking at your Western Front pictures today. A great collection, some unusual angles and some interesting tweaks. Keep up the good work, there are plenty more subject areas to cover out there, as I'm sure you know.
Mark Banning


Hi Stephen - Brilliant pictures and complete website - Hope you enjoyed your visit back to the Western Front.
Best wishes, Eddie.
Eddie Mateer


Great site Stevie, as always your aim is centre mass, take care and keep in touch.
Colin, Whangarei, New Zealand.


Greetings from Canada. Enjoyed your photos, they are vibrant. Taken with talent and feelings. Thanks for visiting Great Uncle Richard's grave in France.
Deborah James, Canada.


Awesome photos from Stephen! Have had a few from private test sessions and races and quality is always brilliant, keep it up :-)
Peter Alexander


Just had a look at all the Western Front photos, superb Stevie. Keep it up.
Charles Ross

Very good photos

Cet album est magnifique. Ces sites de mémoire sont très bien mis en valeur par tout ces jolis clichés. J'espère qu'il y aura encore beaucoup d'autre photos à venir :)
Very good album !
'Quel magnifique album !!! Bravo !!'
Garry Wasikowski, France.

Super photos

Hi Stevie,
Just wanted to say thank you again for the brilliant image you kindly e-mailed me back in April. It transferred to canvas really well and made an amazing present. Thank you again and please make yourself known to me at the next race meet and I will buy you that pint!
Jane Holland

Motorcycle Racing Photo's & Others.

Great website, stunning pictures of many different subjects. Superb clarity & depths of colours. Brilliant :)
Stephen M

Bishopscourt Rally Photos

Nice shots from Bishopscourt Stephen, thanks for sending them over. Keep up the good work!!


Many thanks for sending Lennon/Wylie the photo of Uncle Leonard (Hill's) grave. My brother has just been to the grave.
All information is precious as my dad was orphaned the same month as his brother died as his mum and dad died of T.B. in Belfast at the same time.
I live in South Wales and strange enough our local free paper has just featured a full page article about the Welsh Dragon you have on your photos!!!
Keep up the good work.
Barbara Gehan, Wales.

Ulster, Ireland and the Somme.

Like the site a lot, especially the "oldies" which I remember clearly! The above book is of interest, Helen Long is a second cousin, and I think I know the father of author. Keep the photos coming.
Alan Hutchinson

Your website

Very impressed with the pictures on your site...I belong to a small friends of the Somme association in Ballymena, and have been going to the area for the past 15 years, loved looking at your aerial pictures of the area.
Cecil Wright

Racing pics

Hi Stevie, great site and fantastic pics, thanks a million for the pics throughout the seasons, top class as always, thanks again.
Ramey Clarke

WW1 Gravestone Photos

Many thanks for supplying photographs of WW1 gravestones which will enhance my Belfast Presbyterians in the Great War project.
Nigel Henderson


I love your photography, its amazing :o)
Mary Lennon


Hello Stephen, big thank you for sorting out my photos, true gent. Website looking great.

Race Pics

Thanks for the snaps this season, appreciate it!!
Ali Kirk

Racing foto

Awesome photos great quality!! Will definitely use one in my up coming calendar!!
Alan McClean


Savage work Stephen Thanks a mil

The Gallery

The photos are superb, and having visited some of the areas in which they have been taken shows a wonderful touch.
Ian Gordon

Re Jackson Clarke

Hi Stephen, my name's Ann. I came across the article in the Telegraph about your grandfather, Jackson Clarke. My mother's mother was Georgina Cahoon (nee Clarke) from Sandy Row, who was Jackson's niece. I met your grandfather and his wife Margaret when they lived on the Donegall Road.
It was great for me to see the article and it brought back many good memories.
My own grandfather, Thomas Patton, who was from Renfrew Street, Sandy Row, was killed on the first day of the Somme and is buried at Thiepval.
Your article and photographs are great.
All the best.
Ann Logue

Bike Racing images

Great photos and a friendly guy to deal with. Can't wait to see snaps from the rest of the season
Sarah Doherty

The Somme:- from the air

Thank you to Stephen, from SK Photos, for more of these fantastic photos, taken at great risk from an ultralight...
Don Mooney, Melbourne, Australia.


Stephen, your photos are amazing!
Von Gracey, New South Wales, Australia.

Best pic of myself

First class photos every time never have tey luk any wher else,,,


So admire and love your work, Stephen! Thanks for given me moments full of memories! Thanks mate!
Rob Bosschieter, Holland.

SK photos

Hi Stevie, Thanks for the great photos. It's really appreciated. Keep it up!

Photographs/Western Front

I believe your work and style of creative photography is helping to bring this subject into the modern era without losing the effect of what really happened. There have been so many images taken on this subject people always will be drawn to new artistic ideas. I suppose a good photograph is one that you look at and ask questions, yours all fit into that category...Very much enjoy looking at your images from the Battlefields relating to WW1. They bring a modern look to an old subject and I believe there is a place for these in a book or booklet outlining your personal journey which at times I know would be difficult.
Paul McClean


Your website is great Stephen, good luck with the website and keep up the excellent photographs.
Richard Kerr


Super pics Steve.


Toujours de magnifiques photos. Des photos toujours magnifiques qu'elles soient en couleur ou en noir et blanc. Merci.
David Marez, Pays de la Loire, France.


Hi Stephen, thanks for sending the pictures, very much appreciated! Cracking pictures!!!
Best regards,
Gary Mercer

'Oldies' - motorcycle racing photographs.

Hi Stephen, hope you are well. There's a lot of fond memories through all of those pics, unfortunately some with a tinge of sadness. But great shots and will be worth a revisit from time to time. Thank you for putting them up!
Bryn Morgan


Stephen is a great photographer and very friendly when I need a few photos. Highly recommended.
Ross Patterson

'Oldies' - Racing photos.

Fantastic pictures, truly superb quality.
David Field

Weather/satellite image photo etc.

How high can those ultra lights fly? I thought you might have taken your aerial photography to new heights, pardon the pun! ,-). Always interesting to see your photos, and other interesting items Stephen.
Ash Hind, Victoria, Australia.

Bikes, 'Oldies' photos.

Brilliant pics Stephen brings back great memories.
Steven O'Kane

Photos/Steve Hislop

Hello Mr Kerr, I just want to thank you for sharing your HIZZY pics with us!!! It is much appreciated by us all, thank you!!
Ruth Keery Gates/Steve `HIZZY` Hislop fans!!

'Old' racing photos

Hey it's me fellas..I feel honoured!
Stu Avant, New South Wales, Australia.

The Somme from the air video

Wow, this is amazing Steven. Very nice job you did with this.
Dave Donatelli, British Columbia, Canada.


Great classic shots the golden years of Irish road racing at its best,
love looking back at race pictures even at my own, as every picture has a story to it, and you Mr have a lot :) keep 'er lit well done.
jamie o'brien 74


Thanks for the pic Stephen, loving the FB album 'Blast from the recent past' - epic - hope your well. Right ok, that's it, you have twisted my arm in going back racing, my bikes look awesome, lol, class pic, thanks.
Gavin Johnston

My Great Uncle Cyril's Grave Photos

Thank you Stephen for the photos of the grave of my Great Uncle Lance Sergeant Cyril Beck AIF 2379 who was KIA in Pozieres 7th of August 1916. Thank you not only for the photos but also for laying the cross with a poppy for me. I don't know you, we are friends through our wonderful Pozieres Remembrance Association Australia.
Random acts of kindness like this are beautiful. Thank you Stephen, you have deeply touched my heart.
Fiona Savage, Melbourne, Australia.

Photo/Ancre British cemetery

I was very touched to receive the photograph of my grandfather's headstone, especially when someone took the trouble to place a remembrance cross upon it, I thank Stephen from the bottom of my heart, my only regret my mother and grandmother are not alive to see it.
In 2005 I decided to visit France and find my grandfather's grave, I was accompanied by my eldest brother and younger sister, it was something that will live with me for the rest of my life, it was so peaceful standing in the cemetery in front of his headstone, it was hard to believe the terrible violence that had ended so many young men lives and for them to lie in graves so far from home.
Thank you again.

WW1 Soldiers

I just wanted to thank you personally for all the photos you send me of soldiers memorials and headstones for my site, in most instances the family have never been to see these and are over the moon to have them, again thank you for the kindness :o)
Mary Lennon


Fantastic shots Stephen, thank you!
Warren Reeve

Racing photographs

Baylon McCaughey


Thanks again for the photos, I own u a pint. Give me a shout the next time ur in the pits, at least to shake your hand and thank you, cheers
Andrew Bennett

Western Front photos.

You have great reasons to be proud of the photos that you take.
Your views are just wonderful and are much appreciated.
Margaret McIntosh Clarke, New South Wales, Australia.


Hi Stevie, I shall be forever grateful to you for kindly sending me the photographs of my grandfather’s grave in France. I don't have a photograph of my grandfather so to have one of his grave is fantastic.
Thanks again.
Jane Gallagher.


Another magnificent presentation, Stephen! You do such wonderful work.
Carol Switzer, Sugar Land, Texas.

Aerial photographs

Down here in New Zealand we have an expression...Gob smacked. Fantastic photographs.
Tony Ring, New Zealand.

Aerial Photographs

There are some very impressive photographs in these galleries especially the ariel photographs over The Somme, it's so interesting to see the Cemeteries and Memorials from such a different prospective.
Very well done!
Maria Coates


Best pics I've seen of myself riding my bike at the track, everyone of them shows the action in fantastic detail. Many thanks.
Wayne Knowles


Hello Stephen.
Congratulations with all your beautiful pictures. They all are great without exception.
Keep up this good work :-)
All the best,
Jurgen Verhulst. Bruges, Belgium.

Your Photographs

Some fantastic work within the Galleries.....capturing the high speed action between the hedges and the atmosphere from the War Graves with your own style....
Jim Lee

Great photos.

Lovely sets of photo's on here and I enjoy looking at you photo's as get ideas from your high quality photo's.
Chris Sharp

Gloucester Regiment

Thank you for all your help on locating and finding the Gloucesters headstones for me. Brilliant photos, also I am a really big fan of your aerial video's just brilliant.
Linda Carrier


Very good website!!
Dominique Zanardi, Pozières, Somme.


Hi Stephen, website looks excellent mate, some great shots, bike racing section makes me feel homesick though.
Kieron Scott, Carnamah, Western Australia.


Hi Stephen, you have some great material on your website. Your step-fathers uncle would be proud of your dedication to remember them for their sacrifice. It is overwhelming to see the amount of graveyards and headstones all around the battlefield in some of the videos. When I tend to my grandfathers grave every year, I realize I am fortunate because while he rests here, most of his buddies lie in France and Belgium. Again thanks.
David Taylor, Newfoundland.

Lochnagar video

Stephen this is amazing...Lochnagar I found was one of the hardest places to photograph to capture and appreciate its true size, the way you have presented it here and from above that I have seen from you before, these both enable the viewer to do just that!!
Maria Coates

Great War Photographs

Hi Stephen: Just a wonderful collection of photographs, well not just photos, more a collection of stories as that is what your photos convey, great stories. Thank you for sharing them and a very fitting tribute to the soldiers who served on the Western Front. Glenn
Glenn Kerr, Ontario, Canada.

WW 1

I can't thank Stephen enough for all the information and photos he has sent me.
Ann Nixon

Mr Kerr and his photography

Just a quick message to say thanks really. You've let me have access to your work for several years to help complete various projects with the WFA and they are a joy to use. Some very fine work indeed. Thank you.
Nick Stone


Truly superb images of the WW1 battlefields and memorials. Thoughtful compositions to treat subject with dignity and help keep memories alive. Always a pleasure to see new work from Northern France. Many thanks and keep up the good work
Andy Potts

Photos, 11th November.

Stephen: Many thanks for photos of 11th November. Will be able to print them for display at the Tower.

Video - Mill Road Cemetery.

Dear Teddy,
I was blown away by the video, so well done. It moved me to tears seeing my Grandfather's name again, I wasn’t expecting that.
I have been working on my grandfather’s history off and on for years. When I started, I didn’t even know his first name. He was the forgotten man, even within the family. I researched The Black Watch and also our family tree, and on the day we met on the Somme (23rd Oct), numerous family members back home and abroad, paid their respects with a minutes silence at 11 am, as we did at Mill Road.

Now, thanks to yourself and Stephen Kerr, many people will see his name.

He will no longer be the nameless forgotten man.

Bless you sir.
Adam Harper

Photographs etc

The Ulster Covenant & Historical Society, would like to express our gratitude to our good friend Mr Stephen Kerr for his contribution of his photograph of Lone Tree Cemetery for next years calendar. Again we thank you Stephen for your help. We greatly appreciate your assistance you have provided for us throughout the year.
The Ulster Covenant & Historical Society.

Photos/Pozières etc

Thanks for these stunning photos Stephen. They bring back many memories of our time there in July this year.
Grant Turrill, Adelaide, South Australia.


Thanks for visiting my Great Grandfather Graveyard send me photography and video. Thanks so much.
Muzzamil Khanzada, Hyderabad, Sindh, Pakistan.

Sucrerie Military Cemetery

Hi Stevie
You have taken me on a journey to the Sucrerie Military Cemetery right up to face my Uncle George Carswell's grave, I was very touched emotionally and shed a few tears. Viewing on full screen it was like actually being there facing his headstone feeling like I could touch it and say a few words in private to him.
I am ever so grateful for the photo's and your excellent video coverage. How can one ever thank you enough for what you have done for me personally and for the family members who may never get to visit the Somme.
Such beautiful video coverage, the music played was great to take me through the cemetery.
Kindest Regards.
Bill Carswell, New Zealand.

Video - WW1 Animal War Memorial, Pozières.

As the artist of the two bronze animals memorials I have to say what an honor it was to be a part of this. This stunning view captures in a very special way what I and others felt on the very touching and beautiful unveiling on July 21, 2017. Here in it's vast solitude the magnitude of the sacrifice of both human and animal is especially captured. What a very spiritually moving experience I and others felt on that sacred battlefield. Thank you for this and thank you Nigel and AWAMO for all you do so well with great reverence and elegance. I hope it helps brings further recognition that these brave soldiers and animals deserve.
Susan Bahary, Sausalito, California.


Thank you Stephen for filming the new War Animal Memorial, it is for all Nations animals and we hope it brings recognition of their deeds and sacrifices whilst still honouring the men who looked after and cared for them.
Nigel Allsopp, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.


A very kind and generous person who I don't know but who I met online on a Somme FB page has today laid a poppy on my great grandfather's grave at Beaumont Hamel. My great grandfather James Wentworth Taylor Rourke was lost on the first day of the Battle of the Somme. Thank you so much Stephen Kerr. Your kindness means so much.
Denise Taylor, Warwickshire, England.


I woke this morning to a fb message. My friend, who I have never met except on fb Stephen Kerr photographed my late great uncle’s headstone where he rests in the AIF Burial Ground, Grass Lane Flers France in the last few hours. It means a lot to me to be sent this today being November 11. May we all remember those who have served our country at 11am this morning.
Lest We Forget.
John Mayo, Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia.


These are fantastic so clear and crisp. I can't say thank you enough.
Chris Murphy, Staffordshire, England.


Ref Photos, thank you so much!
Steve Lacey

Info/Documents/Photographs, etc

Thank you so much for the documents. I only have the photo, the Imperial War Graves document, and the KIA card with the red writing on it. I’ve been looking for Alexander’s cause of death as well as where he exactly died for a few years. I just haven’t been lucky enough to find any information or source, until you. Thank you so much. I am so grateful for your help!
I greatly appreciate your generosity!
Best regards,
Mark Webster, Grand Haven, Michigan, USA.

Flatiron Copse Video

Brilliant job..for such a magical place, complimented by the music.

Bouzincourt Tunnel video.

Hello, merci beaucoup très belle vidéo. A bientôt?.
Jean Luc Rouvillain, Bouzincourt, Somme.

Video, Butte de Warlencourt.

The best views of the Butte I have seen, a great job.
Andy Mozz

Thanks for permission to use footage/testimonial

Thank you so much for allowing me to use some of your fantastic drone footage of Mametz Woods in a video trailer for a play called, 'The Wood' about the 38th Welsh Regiment, written by Owen Thomas, starring Ifan Huw Dafydd and Gwydiion Rhys, and produced by the Torch Theatre in west Wales.

It was extremely kind of you to give me permission to use the footage, footage which enhanced the quality of the trailer immensely.

Once again thank you: your co-operation was much appreciated and I am looking forward to some free time when I can properly look through your Aladdin's Cave of a website.
Tim Barrett

Video, Longueval Road Cemetery.

Great video, captured the moment...."We will remember them".

Butte de Warlencourt video.

Very nice video.
the pale rider blondi

Vides and Photographs

Stephen as you know I came across your work whilst on YouTube. The video and sound track of the Ancre British Cemetery, Beaumont-Hamel under the tab VIDEOS 6 on your website just blew me away I could feel myself there. And as you know my great uncle KIA 1st July 1916 is buried there. I can't thank you enough for your help. I'm now totally hooked on what you do and share your pictures and videos at every opportunity.
Mark Henry


Hi Stephen,
Congratulations on an awesome website and pictures.
I didn’t remember racing at the Northwest 200 untill you showed me your fantastic pictures from my time there!
Toff Guy

The Yank from the Somme

Stevie! Such a pleasure to see your amazing photos and videos. Brings me right back to last summer. Glad I took that turn for Le Tommy. See you around keep it up.
Will Taber. FL. USA.


Top class pictures Stephen! Thanks for sharing this all with us.
Keep up the good work.
Best regards.
Steven Van den Eynde, Aalst, Belgium.

ww1 maniac

You are one of the best photographers i have ever seen!! Brilliant also and a gentleman...
Takis Liakopoulos, Zákynthos, Greece.

Steve's photos of the Western Front are amazing

As the author of an upcoming book on World War I, I have come to appreciate photographers whose work captures the stark beauty to be found on the Western Front. Stephen Kerr's images are brilliant.
Jacqueline Carmichael